In today’s economy, it seems as though every company, whether large or small, is trying to accomplish more with fewer resources and less capital. By coming directly to USG, we can deliver the same or better solutions provided by our biggest competitors, often at better price point. The most prominent names in the IT Solutions industry consistently turn, and return, to USG because of our record of providing the highest quality solutions and personnel.


Conducting a Needs Analysis

When determining whether you need outside assistance to solve your business and IT problems, a few key questions should to be asked:


• Does the demand on your business outweigh your IT Resources?


• Is your company losing time and money within its business units by fixing the same types of errors again and again?


• Are you losing opportunities to optimize costs by not taking advantage of new technology solutions?


• Can your IT Department be more proactive in helping your company plan innovative technology solutions that will create a positive ROI?


• Could you benefit from an assessment to benchmark and recommend improvements?


Realizing a Return on Investment (ROI) 

If you answer “yes” or “I don’t know” to any question, contacting USG should be your next move. We understand your pain points and clients who turn to USG consistently find the following returns on their investment:


• Reduced operational costs


• Reduced throughput & go to market time


• Reduced process waste


• Improved productivity and efficiency


Our array of services mean that if you have a problem, we have the solution. If there’s an area we do not specialize in, USG has a team of partners ready to assist and ensure your objectives are achieved.