USG promises and delivers a blend of technical expertise, adaptability and personalized service with each solution that sets us apart from our competitors. Our specialties include IT Business Consulting, Full Lifecycle Software Development, and Staff Augmentation.

IT Business Consulting Services (BCS)

USG’s Business Consulting Services framework ensures that processes are analyzed, redesigned and implemented based on the broader client environment. By tapping into our extensive BCS experience, organizations develop models of operation that yield new process efficiencies.

Services Include :

 Assessment Services

 Project & Program Management

 Business Process Management (BPM)

 Research & Analytics

USG has the capability for projects both onshore and offshore.

Software Development

USG proudly serves our clients with a range of software development services best suited to meet their needs – whether it is programmers/developers, software testers, systems analysts, or full lifecycle software development, USG analysts provide a thorough SWOT analysis while uncovering the client’s pain points to leverage an area of need into an area of strength.

Whether you require assistance with .NET, Oracle, SAP, Linux or other technologies, USG provides our clients with the solutions they seek.  USG carefully vets our software architects, developers, and programmers to ensure our consultants meet both the client’s technical requirements and culture.

IT Staff Augmentation

Time and again, our clients come back to us because they know and trust our people.  Whether you need temporary, surge, or extended IT services, USG is here to help.  USG understands our clients do not always require full scale project support and USG recognizes that keeping up with constantly changing technology and business initiatives using only internal staff can be a challenge for IT departments.  For occasions when only supplemental staff is needed, we offer consultants to compliment your existing talent and provide immediate impact.

Consultants are available for:


 Contract to Hire

 Permanent Placement

USG believes in being a partner, not just a provider.  To further separate ourselves from our competition, we remain in contact post-project to ensure your deliverables continue to be met.  With a number of consultants placed with state and commercial clients throughout the country, USG has the experience your company or government agency requires to meet your needs.  

Business Process Management (BPM)

More than 70% of failed projects owe their result to improper or incorrect process management. USG identifies process gaps and provides proven Business Process Management (BPM) solutions to greatly improve efficiency for your organization.  BPM involves the fundamental rethinking and redesign of processes to achieve dramatic improvements in performance, efficiency, and alignment in organizational strategy.

USG’s structured techniques evaluate WHAT gets done, HOW it gets done, WHY you are doing it, and HOW to do it better.

USG’s Business Process Management solutions find quick wins for your organization and show you how to implement them. Clients benefit by receiving customized, reliable new procedures for the identified process areas covering all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle .