Recruiting Process

USG has a unique way of identifying the talent to fit your desired solutions. With almost 15 years of success finding the right resources to fit our client’s individual needs. We also recognize that the glut of companies in the past decade claiming to provide IT technology solutions has created its own set of problems such as trusting that you are getting a truly qualified team of consultants. Our team has been built to address those concerns head on and our recruiting team is more than just specialists in IT. We ask the right questions when screening a candidate and we do not onboard anyone until we are 100% certain that their experience matches their resume.


The Selection Process

We carefully select our staff for each project based on how well that individual can contribute to moving your organization goals forward. Whether USG is partnering with you to re-engineer your processes, oversee entire projects, maintain your current systems or simply supplement your existing staff, we handpick each project member understanding how that resource will contribute to your success.


We know that when you reach out to us for a solution, you are creating a set of expectations that must be met and the heart of USG’s engine is understanding the requirements and delivering on our promises. In order for USG to fulfill this mission, we get to know you. We learn about your corporate culture and fully grasp what factors create success in your environment. We balance this with bringing our own set of best practices and industry knowledge. This collaboration is where the magic happens and why our clients come back to USG as their organizations continue to seek improvements and advancements.


We find that the best resources are the ones we already know. USG has a large network of qualified professionals who we have worked with since our inception. We continually recruit for candidates waiting for the right opportunity to contribute to an organization’s success as well as their own.


For each project you entrust to USG or any use of supplemental staff, we assign an account manager to you and the consultants. Your account manager closely monitors the progression of all resources and provides not only mentorship to our staff but oversees that your investment and confidence in us adds the expected value to your business.