The United Solutions Group Inc. (USG) has been awarded by the Department of Information Resources (DIR), the IT Staff Augmentation Contract (ITSAC) which as a prime vendor, which provides temporary IT staffing services to agencies based on a negotiated hourly rate. Agencies may choose staff from a list of pre-qualified vendors either through a solicitation (sent to all vendors) or by going directly to a trusted vendor (using the Best Value Justification).

USG is proud to be an ITSAC contracted vendor by DIR according to the DIR Cooperative Contracts Program. USG has been providing staff augmentation services to local governments, state agencies, and public utilities for over fourteen years and is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

USG offers IT staff augmentation services (ITSAC) through this contract. Specifically, USG has been awarded 168 of categories of Information Technology labor rates. Jobs for customers are competitively solicited through DIR in regards to this ITSAC contract. Contracts may be used by state and local government, public education, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state. Resellers are not available for this ITSAC contract. This contract does have a number of subcontractors, many of which are HUB vendors.

USG DIR IT Staffing Services
Our mission is to provide technology leadership, technology solutions, and value to our customers in Texas state government, education, and local government entities. The services we provide focus on excellence in quality of service, responsiveness, innovation, professionalism, and teamwork. We operate in an open, ethical, efficient, and accountable manner with high regards to our customers.

USG is proud to provide services for the positions awarded by the DIR ITSAC not to exceed the hourly rates displayed in the Schedule accessed by clicking here.Many public entities located outside the State of Texas may also contract services through the DIR.  For additional information, access the DIR Out-of-State Customers page.

The Texas DIR ITSAC provides the opportunity for DIR customers to contract with USG in order to secure a specific Worker, defined as a Best Value Selection by the customer.  The customer advises the DIR of the intent to select a Worker and submits the required procurement documentation.

The customer may also choose a Worker through USG or another organization through a Work Order Solicitation. Multiple vendors will receive a Work Order Solicitation which outlines the specific job requirements. The customer will receive multiple responses through the DIR from vendors and make their selection.

Please note the following:

  • USG can only offer an IT consultant for positions approved on the following Schedule.
  • Customer purchase orders must reference the specific Worker(s) selected and be endorsed by an authorized customer representative.
  • The purchase order must be completed prior to a staffing resource being provided.
  • USG’s DIR Contract Number (DIR-TSO-3617) must be referenced on each purchase order.

Purchase orders should be sent directly to, by fax to (267) 339-6111 Attn: Lara Zelnio, Senior Director or by clicking here.


The DIR ITSAC provides prospective clients the flexibility to contract services directly with USG as a prime DIR contracted vendor. Potential clients may contact USG directly regarding purchase order inquiries, pricing and a list of services provided.

How to Contract our Services

For more information including Purchase Orders or Quotes, please contact Lara Zelnio, Senior Director at: or phone : (267) 401-1300 ext. 101

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